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An all new cloud site founded by the Illustrious Tenzo & his Amazing Associates! All 100% unique, hand crafted artworks. And brand new blog posts uploaded every week! Solenis offers a complete range of barrier coating formulations to accommodate a variety of paper and paperboard packaging products, including paper cups, fast food wrappers and corrugated boxes. These coating formulations are easily modified to accommodate a variety of end-use requirements such as printability, flexibility and glueability PE, or polyethylene, is the most commonly used barrier coating. Polyolefin barriers, such as LDPE and HDPE polymers, provide excellent humidity protection. Typical end uses: drinking cups and packages for frozen food, ice cream and yoghurt. HDPE-coated paperboard for moisture-sensitive dry foods. Biodegradable coating Bi TopScreen barrier coatings for cupstock are the answer to market demand for plastic-free, recyclable, single-use beverage cups and ice cream cups. Traditional single-use paper cups could be a nearly 100 percent renewably sourced alternative to plastic cups except for one big problem: a thin layer of plastic, typically polyethylene (PE), is laminated on the inside of the cup Barrier coatings for food packaging & paper industry CHP BAR series offers products for use in paper and board manufacturing, online & offline coating, as well as for converting purposes. This Product range gives exceptional barrier properties for multiple end uses

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  1. Kemira FennoGuard™ GO is a novel water-based dispersion barrier coating for food service paper and board used for packaging e.g. fresh and dry food, takeaway products, and bakery products. FennoGuard GO helps reduce plastics use and is partially based on renewable raw material to replace fossil-based chemistries, further impacting the environmental footprint
  2. New biodegradable barrier coating for paper and cardboard packaging The new coating is based on the proprietary Glycell process developed by Leaf Resources, a global leader in converting plant biomass into fermentable sugars
  3. The polyethylene lining on a standard paper coffee cup retains heat, proides a barrier to liquids and maintains the cup's structural integrity. However, the use of polyethylene limits the recyclability of the post-consumer cup
  4. Water Based Barrier Coating Here at Tullis Russell we are experts in advanced coatings for a range of specialist applications and we are proud to include tru barrier ® Cup - a unique High Performance Coating solution which has been developed to replace traditional plastic (e.g. LDPE) coatings and resolve the challenge of recycling Paper Cups
  5. ating the need to use traditional wax and polyethylene papers. In addition, the coating can be utilized on kraft and recycled paper to seal the surface from conta
  6. ISLA Plastic-free paper cup coating is completely recyclable. Many paper cups are coated with a thin layer of plastic to prevent the liquid content to spill out. However, while convenient when the cup is used, these plastic layers are a disaster for recycling companies, as this means the cups cannot easily recycled. Finnish paper and wood products.

Barrier Coatings are designed to be applied to paper, paperboard or corrugated board substrates in order to provide a moisture barrier, grease barrier or other required barrier properties. Barrier coatings can be used on both Food and Non-food paper and corrugated board packaging applications My email haoyumachine@haoyumachine.co In addition to offering the broadest range of papermaking additives in the industry, we offer an innovative portfolio of environmentally friendly barrier coatings for food packaging applications. These food grade barrier coatings not only enable papermakers to develop paper-based alternatives to plastic packaging but also, in many cases, to meet their sustainability goals EcoShield® Barrier Coating for Paper and Corrugated WATER VAPOR BARRIER PROPERTIES (ASTM E 96) EcoShield® Barrier Coating for Paper Polycoated Paper Waxed Paper WVTR* (g/hour•m2) 0.61-0.69 0.47-0.71 6.5-6.9 *Tested according to ASTM E-96, 73 °F (23 °C), 50% RH Example test ranges for EcoShield® Barrier Coated Paper (45# 3msf natural. Water Based Barrier Coatings (WBBC) can be used as a more environmental solution to replace PE, wax and fluorochemicals in several application areas where the need for absolute barrier properties is not essential. CHP BAR products are suitable for direct food contact. CHP BAR product family

Our curtain coater technology enables us to apply highly effective coatings in an extremely uniform way. Safely and accurately. At a glance. All our barricote barrier papers combine these general features: Paper products made from virgin fibers; Water-based coatings for combinable barriers against. water vapour; grease / oil; oxygen / aroma; mineral oil migration; 100 % free of. plastic films, extruded polymers, varnishes or laminates ; fluorocarbons; chlorinated hydrocarbon In 2017, Cortec Corporation has launched EcoShield® Barrier Coating for Paper and Paperboard, which is a water-based barrier coating and is 100% repulpable and recyclable ; Usage of Functional and Barrier Coatings for Paper to Reduce Overall Weight and Cost Key Benefits of Functional and Barrier Coatings for Paper include: Excellent barrier propertie Coatings may also serve to contain fibres within the paper's surface - for example for frozen food applications or in the glass industry when producing for medical or hygiene industries. Even for hot and viscous products corrugated barrier packaging is used

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In 2017, Cortec Corporation has launched EcoShield® Barrier Coating for Paper and Paperboard, which is a water-based barrier coating and is 100% repulpable and recyclable Usage of Functional and Barrier Coatings for Paper to Reduce Overall Weight and Cost Key Benefits of Functional and Barrier Coatings for Paper include Paper cups have two basic parts—paper and polyethylene. Comprising only 5% of the whole container, the polyethylene liner is what brings the muscle - the liquid barrier that keeps heat in and prevents the cup from getting soggy - but it's also a contaminant in the paper waste stream

Our best-selling paperboard for decades, Cupforma Natura, creates lightweight yet stiff cups that are easy to hold. It's perfectly designed for hot and cold beverage cups that don't leak or break apart. with sealable barriers and high resistance to coffee edge-wicking Natural polymers can be used as barrier coatings on paper packaging materials. Such biodegradable coatings have the potential to replace current synthetic paper coatings, such as polyethylene, polyvinyl alcohol, rubber latex, and fluorocarbon in food packaging applications (Chan and Krochta 2001a, 2001b)

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For years, non-recyclable polyethylene coated, multilayer laminated flexible materials and aluminium have been the main options for packaging perishables. However, the situation has changed. Although they are certainly not in a position to 'replace' plastics, we see the introduction of increasingly sophisticated barrier papers each year The base paper for paper cups is called cup board, and is made on special multi-ply paper machines. It has a barrier coating for waterproofing. The paper needs high stiffness and strong wet sizing. The cup board grade has a special design for the cup manufacturing processes The papers produced in the full-scale trial have been used as substrates for coating. Greaseproof paper has a closed surface and should therefore be a good base paper for barrier coatings. Chitosan has been used as a barrier coating because of its good oxygen barrier properties. Moreover, chitosan is a renewable material The company recently launched a new material for paper cups, which has a dispersion barrier instead of the traditional polyethylene coating to make the cup leakproof. The dispersion barrier breaks down in the recycling process, ensuring that all fibres can be fully recovered. Recycling saves our planet's resources and energy in board production. Since paper cups are made from virgin fibre, they provide strong, high-quality raw material for the production of recycled board

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Our coatings enhance the surface and functional quality of paper and board based packaging and provide a more environmentally-friendly alternative to use of polyethylene, wax, or fluorochemicals. Unlike these conventional solutions, our barrier coatings do not impact the recyclability of the fiber-based packaging, and allow meeting functional requirements in terms of barrier, overprint. Barrier coating for board, temporary barrier against oil, fat and water, low-migration. TDS TDS. Especially for thin papers, for label printing, low-migration. TDS TDS. Coating Products for Sheetfed. Download our product overview brochure presenting broad range of coatings and varnishes for sheetfed offset Walki®Lid is a paper based lidding material for single-cup lids, heat-sealable and peelable to PS and PP cups. It is an aluminium free choice for many dairy products, fresh cheese, salads, ice cream and candy. · Laminate of high quality printing paper and with a peelable coextruded high barrier coating. · Tight and strong seal to PS and PP cups Barrier performance BASF offers a wide range of resins for functional and sustainable barrier effects. Barrier effects include water, oil and grease resistance, MVTR, and migration for the production of paper products that satisfy functional and repulpability requirements Ultra-thin barrier coatings. In the course of Huhtamaki's focus on future technologies, thin dispersion coatings as well as extrusion coatings are future-oriented and will be part of the solution. These guarantee high fibre yield in recycling and a low consumption of expensive and rather limited raw materials

A common perception within the industry and beyond is that barrier papers can't be recycled, as they must still contain some kind of polymer-based coating to protect the product. But René stresses that this is not that case - that it is possible to have a paper containing a polymer-based layer that could still be put into existing recycling streams More than 250 billion paper cups are produced every year, but the vast majority are just thrown away. Current moisture-vapor and grease barrier coatings such as PE laminates and wax-based coatings pose a number of problems: They are harmful to the environment,. Our unique water-based dispersion coated barrier board is fully recyclable and repulpable.. After use, cups made of ISLA ® barrier board can be easily recycled along with normal paper and board waste.. Would a cup end up outside the recycling processes and into the nature, it will biodegrade.. All our products are safe to use.Renewable wood fibre is procured from sustainable sources verifying. The coating also needs to deliver the functionality required for specific applications beyond barrier properties (i.e., heat sealability, printability, food-contact compliance), and the coated substrate needs to be processable with existing packaging manufacturing equipment. For example, coated cup-stock (the board used to produce paper coffee. We've changed the game. Unlike 100% plastic-coated paper cups and other paperboard barrier packaging which ends up in our landfills due to the difficulties recyclers have processing these materials through their equipment, packaging made with EarthCoating® uses 40-51% less plastic and designed to be easily pulped into recycled paper using conventional paper recycling equipment

Barrier coatings are functional coatings which reduce or eliminate the flow of a fluid. These coatings have been used to control the flow of oil and grease, water, moisture (water vapor), oxygen, and other fluids Water-based barrier coating paper cups adopt the water-based barrier coating that is green and healthy. As excellent ecofriendly products, the cups could be recyclable, repulpable, degradable, and compostable. Food-grade cupstock combines with exquisite printing technology makes these cups excellent carriers for brand promotion However, traditional poly-coated paper cups are too difficult for paper recyclers to process through their conventional recycling equipment because of the 100% plastic coating used to make them. Paper cups made with EarthCoating® may be easily pulped into recycled paper using conventional paper recycling equipment and they use 44-51% less plastic than traditional paper cups We have developed SHIELDPLUS as an environmentally friendly paper-based barrier material by applying onto a base paper completely made of wooden material a barrier coating layer based on the water-based coating technology for papermaking. Flexible package,Paper bowl, Paper cup

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packaging and food service ware as an oil and grease barrier. Concerns about their hazards are creating demand among grocery stores and government, health care, educational and other institutional purchasers for safer alternatives. • cups (hot and cold) • cutlery • stirrers • coffee sleeves Paper coated with PLA, silicone, clay,. Until now, PE layers have mainly been used as barriers in packaging. An effective barrier coating can help to avoid these PE composites, making the packaging demonstrably more sustainable. The ACTEGA Schmid Rhyner AG ACTGreen® barrier coatings achieve excellent test values with the relevant measurement methods Unlike traditional paper cups with complete plastic coating inside - which provides a barrier to hold the liquid and seal the cup at the seam - the ReCup's Earth Coating is a mineral blended plastic made of 40% calcium carbonate and 60% low-density polyethylene

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Functional and Barrier Coatings for Paper Market: Introduction. Transparency Market Research delivers key insights on the functional and barrier coatings for paper market in its published report, which includes global industry analysis, size, share, growth, trends, and forecast for 2019-2027.In terms of revenue, the functional and barrier coatings for paper market is expected to register a. According to Transparency Market Research's latest market report on the functional and barrier coatings for paper market for the historical period of 2014-2019 and forecast period of 2019-2027, continuous rising demand for functional and barrier coating for paper in packaging applications is anticipated to drive growth of the global market

Paper Cups Production Cost Analysis 2021 A paper cup is a simple form of a disposable cup made out of paper that is often lined or coated using plastic or wax to prevent liquid from leaking out or soaking through the paper. It may be made of recycled paper and is most commonly utilised around the world The reCUP® uses EarthCoating®, an innovative barrier coating that replaces up to 51% of the plastic with minerals. This mineralized resin blend is engineered to be fully compatible with conventional paper recycling systems. A simple change to the coating provides the recycling industry with paper cups that are easily recyclable today the cup. The bulk of your cup is made of wood and bark chips transformed into wood pulp and then processed into paper, which then gets bleached and shaped into cups for your caffeinated consumption.. Many paper cup manufacturers use 100% virgin paper board to make the vessel for your morning java, while companies like Starbucks integrate 10% post-consumer (recycled) paper with 90% virgin. 28 Sep 2020 --- US-based Mantrose-Haeuser Co. is expanding its line of certified compostable barrier coatings for environmentally sustainable food packaging, dubbed VerdeCoat. The expansion comes in response to per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) being linked with detrimental health effects

Brooklyn, New York, May 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The findings reviewed by GME stated that the Global Barrier Coated Flexible Paper Packaging Market will expand with a CAGR value of 7.2 percent. Valmet will supply a Valmet IQ Web Inspection System (WIS) to Stora Enso's coating and laminating plant in Forshaga, Sweden. The new system will be installed on an extrusion coating line producing a new dispersion barrier paperboard for paper cups and food packaging. The order was included in Valmet's orders received of the third quarter 2020 Browse 159 Market Data Tables and 119 Figures spread through 189 Pages and in-depth TOC on Global Barrier Coated Flexible Paper Packaging Market - Forecast to 2026 Barrier Coating Paper. Get Latest Price. Product Brochure. Coating : PE Coating : Parchment paper for food packaging (40g/m²) Kraft paper for food container (310g/m²) Paperboard for paper cups (315g/m²) View Complete Details. Contact Seller Ask for best deal. Paper cups are an easy way to have your coffee (or other hot beverage) on the go. Read on for our top picks! Read full article Editor's Choice. Best Insulated Option. Dixie PerfecTouch 12 Oz Insulated Paper Hot Coffee Cup by GP PRO (Georgia-Pacific), Coffee Haze, 5342DX, 500 Count (25 Cups Per Sleeve, 20 Sleeves Per Case

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STRUCTURAL DESIGN OF THE PAPER COFFEE CUP Most paper coffee cups are currently made from coated paperboard, or cupstock, which is either single- or double-walled. The barrier coating is typically made from PE, which is extruded or laminated to the paperboard. The cup comprises a paperboar Valmet Oyj's trade press release on December 17, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. EET. Valmet will supply a Valmet IQ Web Inspection System (WIS) to Stora Enso's coating and laminating plant in Forshaga, Sweden. The new system will be installed on an extrusion coating line producing a new dispersion barrier paperboard for paper cups and food packaging. The order was included in Valmet's orders received. Thanks to the company's new coatings technology EvCote™ Water Barrier 3000 — made from plant-based oils and recycled PET bottles — companies and consumers can now select a more sustainable cup in which to serve cold drinks. The company says the cups don't require any modification in the current recycle stream or special handling and are fully compostable and recyclable Polymer/clay Nanocomposites for Paper Barrier Coating Background of Paper Barrier Coating Meat preservation, milk, juice, ice cream, meet, fish, fruit, microwave fast food, food plates and boxes, drink cups, photo papers, et The Global Functional and Barrier Coatings for Paper market accounted for $1.34 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $2.4 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 6.7% during the forecast period

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  1. FDA Approved Aqueous Paper Plate and Dinnerware Barrier Coatings Flexo, Gravure, or Rod Coater: CORKOTE—7900LS-2 has been formulated as a barrier coating for disposable paper plates and bowls. This product has excellent machine-ability and die release
  2. Teknos barrier coating solutions for paper and paperboard. The packaging and food serving industry is going through a profound change. Consumers are looking for sustainable, recyclable solutions, while legislation is directing the industry to develop alternatives replacing traditional plastic film based barriers
  3. A barrier coating keeps oxygen and carbon dioxide out of the pack. So the packaged food stays fresh and edible for longer. Heiko Mack: Exactly. EXCEVAL™ has been used as a gas barrier in plastic packaging for many years. It is now also being used more frequently as an oxygen barrier in paper packaging
  4. FDA Approved Aqueous Paper Barrier Coatings Sheetfed or Roller Coater: CORKOTE-83HV-1 is an excellent barrier coating that exhibits numerous resistance properties. When applied via offset to raw or coated paperboard it provides very low MVTR and Cobb values
  5. ation as a water barrier
  6. TopScreen barrier coatings can be applied on paper machine coaters or offline coating equipment, providing flexibility for cup makers and use of existing cup-making equipment. More than 250 billion fibre to-go cups are used annually. The PE lining that keeps them from leaking also prevents them from being recycled or composted
  7. Michelman coating solutions provide oil and grease barrier and other key functionality for the safe and reliable use of paper in food service containers. Industrial Tubes and cores, gypsum board, packaging for corrodible metal components (auto parts, etc.), tier sheets, and numerous other industrial applications rely on Michelman coating technology

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  1. ium dairy pot lidding applications
  2. g an even barrier layer. Then we applied existing technologies for manufacturing coated paper for printing. We selected materials suitable for oxygen and vapor, which vary in terms of molecule size and properties, and succeeded in developing a new paper-based material for wrapping with an unprecedentedly superior barrier property
  3. For example, Huhtamaki Future Smart is a cup made of 100% renewable materials. Paper cup manufacturing process at Huhtamaki. Huhtamaki's paper cups are produced from virgin paperboard to guarantee food safety. The paperboard we use for paper cups is always traceable and comes from only certified and sustainably managed forests
  4. Paper cup and Paper Bowl packaging for restaurant and food service industries such as paper cups and paper bowls for hot and cold beverage, food, soup,ice cream, etc. Paper Cup Flexographic Printing system up to 5 color

Coatings. Whether it's cups, ice cream containers, frozen food cartons or any other item requiring barrier protection, extrusion coatings are an effective method of obtaining increased performance of paperboard through a variety of extruded resins. Coatings and Laminations for Barrier Protection Agains Paper Cup World is committed to deliver eco-friendly products to our community in order to create a sustainable environment for the years to come. Due to this commitment, we have partnered with entities to import easily recyclable, on-machine coated barrier boards for manufacturing plastic-free cups Under the Epotal ® brand, BASF offers a portfolio of several barrier dispersions to the paper and board industry, covering the major barrier applications (e.g. oil and grease, mineral oil). We support our customers with application advice and initial laboratory tests. For more information, please contact your local BASF representative Latest News. HSMG ® Announces PROTĒAN ® CupKOTE™ Poly-Free Barrier. New York, NY - HSMG ® proudly presents PROTĒAN ® CupKOTE™, a revolutionary solution for truly recyclable cups. It is estimated that half a million disposable drink cups are littered around the globe every day. While a large portion of these cups are made from paper, almost all include a plastic inner lining that.

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Download a Barrier Paper and Paperboard Coatings selection guide to about the latex products right for both food and non-food packaging applications. This website stores cookies on your computer. These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allow us to remember you The cups do contain paper, of course, but a thin coating of plastic or wax makes the recycling process much more difficult than sheet of office paper. The ability to separate the 5% polythene lining of paper cups from the 95% of reusable high quality fibre content was a landmark development for the paper industry. paper cup recycling process. If you're like most recyclers, wax-coated paper food containers are a source of confusion for you. They're obviously made of paper which you know is recyclable, but you've gotten mixed messages about their recyclability. Well, here's the straight scoop: only one type is recyclable, and none are coated in wax. The wax has waned Mos

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water-based, dispersion coated barriers to pure, natural cartonboard, cups made from this material, ISLA® Barrier Board, can be easily recycled and repulped. Naturally, these new cartonboards are designed to run on existing cup making machinery. Food Service Board ALL BOARDS, INCLUDING BARRIER PRODUCTS, ARE RECYCLABLE WITH NORMAL PAPER AND. Water-based, compostable barrier coating, designed to perform as coatings or to be incorporated as a binder. Applied by most common coating methods include anilox roll and size press Barrier coating layers are important in many paper grades used in food packaging and have the potential to help reduce our use of plastics in some situations. Barrier layers to produce water proof packaging such as milk or juice cartons or coffee cups are common. Water based dispersion barrier Recyclable barrier paper with medium moisture and grease resistance. Suitable for a variety of end-uses ranging from from non-food wrapping to food end-uses, such as pasta and bread bags. UPM barrier papers help you communicate the sustainability of your brand. Paper provides mineral oil barrier and is free from fluorochemicals Kjellgren H, Paper N, Ab S, Engström G (2006) Paper and paper coating performance chemicals influence of base paper on the barrier properties of chitosan-coated papers. Nord Pulp Pap Res J 21:685-689. Article CAS Google Schola

Whether applied via coating rollers or flexographic print units Solar Inks barrier products provide packaging converters with viable alternatives to PE coatings. Providing the opportunity to add value to a wide range of paper and board specifications without the cost of extrusion coated materials Application of clay coating for water resistant corrugated packaging Roman E. Popil, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist Institute of Paper Science and Technology Georgia Institute of Technology 500 10th ST. NW Atlanta, GA 30332 Abstract Application of a delaminated kaolin clay base coat onto linerboard provides a barrier coating for Foopak Natura Cup using certified wood sources, with natural shade, OBA-free, and poly-coated board, our Natura Cup offers strong wicking resistance and good barrier performance, as well as uniform rim formation and superior printability, with hygienic manufacturing standards for food and beverage applications, both hot and cold The reCup is a unique type of recyclable paper cup primarily offered by Huhtamaki Cup Print as part of its industry-leading portfolio of custom printed cups. These are paper cups made with EarthCoating® an innovative barrier coating specifically engineered to recycle in mainstream waste facilities

Because only the cellulose layer in the paper and not the polyethylene layer in the coating is affected by moisture, this result supports the hypothesis that the surface layer of the paper contributed to the oxygen barrier properties of the coated paper. Place, publisher, year, edition, pages Karlstad: Karlstads universitet , 2007. Serie LDPE / Poly Coated Cup Stock Paper Akshar CoPack LLC is not only the top manufacturer of materials for laminated materials, but we are also the fastest rising exporter and key provider of LDPE / Poly Coated Cup Stock Paper Paper Mills 18 of the largest 100 cities in the US provide residential pickup of coffee cups for recycling Only 3/450 paper recycling mills in the U.S. can process plastic-coated paper such as cartons and coffee cups. In the U.K., only 2 facilities that can do it. Even where facilities exist, the process is still flawed. Plastic-coated paper, when recycled as mixed paper His research interests include novel coating and surface treatment methods for natural fiber-based products, printing as a fabrication method and use of paper as a substrate for printed electronics. He has (co-)authored over 140 peer-reviewed scientific publications and is currently the guest editor of Chemical Engineering and Processing - special issue of Coating and Drying of Thin Films ITC's Paperboards and Specialty Papers Business is India's largest, technologically advanced and most eco-friendly paper and paperboards business, catering to a wide spectrum of packaging, graphic, communication, writing, printing and specialty paper requirements

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When these coated papers are formed into a package, often the paper needs to be folded, which usually leads to decreased barrier performance of the coating. While barrier properties of coatings have been studied extensively, the barrier properties of these systems after folding has not been well reported in the literature ABSTRACT: Poly(lactide)‐coated paperboards were prepared by a solution coating method, and the effect of coating to improve properties of paperboard used for the manufacturing of 1‐way paper cups was tested. Surface of PLA‐coated paperboards was smooth and shiny like PE‐coated paperboard, and the coating weight and thickness increased linearly with increasing PLA concentration of. Find here online price details of companies selling Paper Cup Raw Material. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Paper Cup Raw Material for buying in India The technique requires high extensibility of the paper to be able to form complex structures, but also of the barrier layer. During the forming process, the material gets altered properties, which need to be controlled in order to find an optimum. An extensible coating layer is desirable in order to maintain the barrier properties after forming Transparency Market Research delivers key insights on the functional and barrier coatings for paper market in its published report, which includes global industry analysis, size, share, growth, trends, and forecast for 2019-2027. In terms of revenue, the functional and barrier coatings for paper market is expected to register a CAGR of 5.5% during the forecast period, due to numerous factors

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  1. Sanita Natura ® is a brand of eco-friendly coated foodservice paper products with main purpose to address the issue of unrecyclable foodservice waste as a critical environmental emerging topic. The product line includes hot and cold cups, bags, sheets, rolls, and sachets. Being an INDEVCO Group global initiative, the brand focuses on needs in the community as a viable starting point for good.
  2. CHP BAR for PE-free sustainable paper cups https: It is up to all of us to choose the more sustainable solution. CHP BAR barrier coating can replace PE in #foodpackaging. #recyclability #barrier #technology #noplastic. 4:40 AM - 23 Apr 2021. 1 Retweet 1 Like 0 replies 1 retweet 1 like. Reply. Retweet. 1.
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